sábado, novembro 24, 2012

It ain't hard as it seems...

If it wasn't for my pain
Then I wouldn't know my strength
If it wasn't for my future
I won't be fightin here today

And of course, I know my way up
Cause I fell the same way down
What matters is what you do
When the troubles come around

Take a step now
Get up on your feet
Gotta be brave
No clouds above thee

Your mind carries heavy weight
And your knees are kinda weak
You wanna run and fly away
But you hurt the wound is deep

You feel like it's time to give up
When your soul is cryin loud
Nothing lasts forever
You will find your way

I only wanna be a real man
I already got a real plan
I ain't gotta be rich
I ain't gotta have wealth

I just do the best I can
Cause the life of a child
Innocent's worth more
Than a ring and ya new jeans

Got love in my life
And that's all that I need
You believe and you succeed
And through the pain and the hard times

We push on with our head high
Each one reach one clothe one feed one
Do it right now, its time

Follow your heart

And then you'll see
There's always a way
Hold on tight
Tomorrow will bring
Every key to every locked dream
It ain't hard as it seems

PS: "Sejam Felizes!"

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